Let's shift it into override

President Bush has made a horrible mistake.

Our President's veto of the expanded SCHIP program feels like a huge "up yours" from the White House to 9 million uninsured children in the United States
President Bush's reasons?

It is too costly-- and is paid for by a tax on tobacco.

"too costly"?! I think we need to have a lesson in priorities, Mr. President.

"Poor kids first."

President Bush thinks that SCHIP puts rich kids first? The Children's Defense Fund, an advocate for children's rights, completely disagrees. President Bush is simply wrong.

"I happen to believe that what you're seeing when you expand eligibility for federal programs is the desire by some in Washington, D.C. to federalize health care"

President Bush favors private healthcare and medical savings accounts. I guess he also thinks that government-backed program to insure children is a bad thing. He's wrong again.

I think that congress must override this veto. I'd also like to propose a new bill to take away healthcare coverage from anyone in congress who votes to sustain it. (But that's just me venting anger. . . )

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