The Wittenburg Door

I've been a frequent reader (and sometimes subscriber) of this magazine for more than 17 years (I missed the early days, however.) I love the satire and the scathing, yet comical indictments of the stupid things we have done and continue to do while calling ourselves followers of Jesus. Over the years my reaction to the articles have included laughter, tears, anger, disbelief, confusion and awe.

But the issue I just received today (September/October 2007 -- Issue #213) is the best one I've ever read.
Some of my favorite articles (I read the whole issue in one sitting -- I never do that!)

  • Wittenburg Door Interview: Rob Bell
  • Wittenburg Door Interview: N.T. Wright
  • The Submergent Church
  • Celebrity Church Member Rental Service
  • Emergent Church Blogspot
  • Won't You Be My Neighbor? (the highlight of highlights in this issue!)
  • The Last Word: All is now Ready

The Wittenburg Door website is now updated to the new issue-- and they still have an "under construction" label on their page

If you've never bought an issue of The Door -- or if you've not gotten this one yet -- I think you'll be happy that you got it (I don't know what stores it is at -- They've offended so many you might just have to get a subscription pronto!)

Check out the Wittenburg Blog too!


traci said...

save your copy!! i should subscribe. i remember loving that magazine when i was in high school and rob bell is one of my all time faves....

Kirk said...

Of course I'll save it . . . wait -- where did I just leave it?