As my favorite shows of this Summer season soon come to an end, (Monk, The Dead Zone, Psych, The 4400, Eureka, Doctor Who and Last Comic Standing) I've got a whole new list of favorites for the Fall!

Boston Legal – Tuesday, September 25
LostNot Until February

Survivor – Thursday, September 20

House – Tuesday, September 25
24 Not Until January

Heroes – Monday, September 24
ER – Thursday, September 27
Friday Night Lights – Friday, October 5
MediumNot until January

What are you going to watch this Fall?


johny b said...

most likely only the office... and that will be, about 95% chance, of watching it via iTunes...

Kirk said...

I've watched that one a few times -- but never got into it regularly. (Do you like the US version or the English versio?)

Peter said...

ER? Wow, is that still on the air? Shows how much TV I watch nowadays, I guess...

johny b said...

i like both versions... but i prefer to watch the US version...

Kirk said...

Yup -- the show that just kept getting treated and released is still with us!