Six Flags Great America

I made my first in 19 years "not leading a group" trip to Six Flags in Gurnee yesterday. I spent most of the day with Cassie, Andrew and Colin (Andrew's friend) Marianne and Matthew were at the park too we saw them a few times too.

I learned this year (OK -- it had been brewing for a few years) that I'm not nearly a thrilled by roller coasters as I used to be. Now the partial Roller Coaster Thrill is in addition to the queasiness and the cold sweat on my face.

However, I still enjoyed several roller coasters. During the day I rode:

Now Six Flags is a "I know the kids will like it." place. I'm sure I'll be there again next year.

I'm thinking Fright Fest might be fun again . . . It's been 8 years since I've been to that.


traci said...

you're getting old, man.

Kirk said...

Still, I did actually ride the rides instead of waiting while everyone else rode.