The Simpsons Movie

I caught the bargain matinee of the Simpsons Movie this morning. ($5.00 and you're allowed to bring in your own snacks!) Here's my short review:

Just like the TV show -- but longer.

Here's a little more:

  • I love the genuine 2-dimensional nature of the animation -- it made it feel like I was watching at home on a really big TV with great speakers.
  • Did I hear correctly? I think Marge swore!
  • I think I snickered or laughed out loud at least every 2-3 minutes. I got a lump in my throat once (not counting when I swallowed my soda too quickly.)
  • What's the deal with Santa's Little Helper and the unexplained celebration that he's alive? Did I miss something? Deleted scenes? Explanation to follow on TV?
  • Best moment . . . "To Be Continued" (and what follows)
  • When you get right down to it -- Maggie is the star of this movie -- be sure to watch the credits!
I think I'll start watching the TV show more.


Peter said...

Ah, but have you been Simpsonized? I have.

Kirk said...

Looks great! I was simpsonized yesterday -- but had trouble saving the image -- what did you do? (Today's (7/29/07) post is all about it.)