Live Free or Die Hard

I know -- this film is old news by now, but I just got around to seeing it this morning. Here's my short review:

Non-stop action in a "4th" movie that's as good as the first.

Here's a little more:

  • I think the last time I saw this many guns and car wrecks and explosions in a movie was Ransom.
  • Maggie Q's character (Mai Lihn) is the baddest woman villain fighter (did that make sense) I've seen yet on film.
  • I'm sure Bruce Willis got a hefty paycheck for this movie (Can he still get $20 million?) This time the story matches the actor.
  • This film was rated PG-13? What? One too few dead bodies for R?
  • Favorite quote: (From Thomas Gabriel) "Detective, covering the camera does not turn off the microphone."

If this were a non-sequel, I'd really want to see the sequel. I still want to see "Die Five" anyway.

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