Peaceful Valley 2007 - 1

I'm taking a vacation over the next several days at Peaceful Valley Ranch in Lyons, Colorado. Andrew (my son) and I arrived yesterday to meet up with Marianne (my daughter who is working here this summer) Allie (my niece on an extended vacation here this summer) and my parents (who also work here in the summer.) Cassie and Matthew (wife and son) arrive Sunday and Robin , Mike and Michael (sister, brother-in-law and nephew come in this afternoon. It's a (most of the fandamily here) reunion and a week of riding horses and relaxing in the beautiful mountains. Here's a view from my lodge room on the first two nights!
Our flight here went perfectly -- no delays or problems at all!


johny b said...

enjoy your vacation... from reading your blog, it seems as though you have been a busy man.

wanted you to know that i am praying that your time with your family will be relaxful and fruitful...

Kirk said...

Thanks, Johny B! I'm looking forward to some excellent unwinding!