End of a journey?

Here's this week's "Opening the Bible" blog reflection for i.ucc

Psalm 30 reads like someone’s journal (or blog!) entry that comes right after they finally feel like themself again after a long time of suffering.

I can look back on my life and find times where I experienced great pain. I can remember crying out to God and complaining about how I felt. I can remember asking for God’s healing and for God’s help. As I look back I can see what things were like and what things occurred as things got better. And I mostly feel peace about it.


I also feel sadness that I feel like I’ve “arrived” at this great place after things weren’t so great. I feel sadness because I don’t feel like I savored the journey as much as I savor the arrival. When I read Psalm 30 I see a look back at the journey, but it is past and gone. There’s no celebration or lament except as it relates to “Now that things are all better.”

I want to cry to God for help and to shout to God in celebration and know that in all the times of my life God is present.

What Psalm is that in?

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