UCC General Synod - preview

Tomorrow morning I'm flying to Hartford (via Pittsburgh) for the United Church of Christ's 50th Anniversary General Synod. (According to the handbook, General Synod is "the representative body of the United Church of Christ composed of delegates chosen by the Conferences, voting members of Board of Directors of Covenanted Ministry, and ex officio delegates.") I'm attending this one as a visitor -- meaning I don't vote on any of the resolutions we'll address. (But I'll be able to talk about them -- if not on the floor, then here!)
What I do get to do is to listen, learn and celebrate the UCC's 50 years as a denomination. Here are some of the things I'm looking forward to:



Synod in the City
Lunch with the Congregational Vitality Initiative (the people behind i.ucc)
Dinner with Jeff and Megan
Staying at the nice, but not overly luxurious Days Inn East Hartford

And, of course, blogging about all the fun! (I'll be posting here as well as on the General Synod Blog at i.ucc)


Peter said...

We'll be flying into Hartford on the 29th to attend the Wooden Boat Show. Looks like we'll miss you by only a couple days! Have a safe flight.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see you again!

Kirk said...

Jeff -- see you soon
Peter -- funny you should mention the wooden boat show . . . I was singing and writing during one of my long airport waits today!