UCC General Synod - final thoughts

Well then, since I'm spending the night in Pittsburgh (the second leg of my flight back to O'Hare was cancelled because of the weather) I've got another day to take in the Synod experience. Here's what I'm going home (tomorrow!) with:

  • Synod was a celebration of a denomination who boldly and bravely have sought to share Jesus' love and to seek ways to express love and justice in the world.
  • Synod was a call to celebrate, but to stay off our behinds and to do what it is we say we are about.
  • Synod was a powerful example of caring for all of God's children even though sometimes the cost is high.
  • Synod was a reminder that the UCC does not speak with one loud voice, but continues to serve God as we wrestle with how to continue to live out God's love when we don't agree with each other.
  • Synod was a call to realize that we've been working hard, but we're not out of a job just yet.
I love this denomination. I love these people.

May God continue to guide us and to keep filling us with Jesus light -- and may we be bold enough to. . . every day- every hour- every minute -- Let it Shine!


johny b said...

thanks for sharing your experience of the UCC General Synod... it gives me hope to serve in the church again...

Kirk said...

Thanks, Johny B! There was a lot of love everywhere this past weekend!