Here's this week's "Opening the Bible" entry for i.ucc


Whiny praise songs creep me out. I’m not talking about genuine songs that praise God and encourage all singing to grow in their faith – it’s the overdone whiny ones that get to me.

Oh God, you’re so great
And I never want to look at anyone except for you
And no matter what you’re in every one of my thoughts
I just can't do anything without asking you first
Should I have lunch right now or should I wait until later?
When should I breathe in again?
Oh God you’re so great

OK – I’m exaggerating, but you may have heard songs that feel just as ridiculous. I like a song that praises God (You are so excellent!) but doesn’t go right down the sappy and ridiculous road in the process.
Psalm 8 is one that gives me hope. I see genuine awe of God and genuine thankfulness for creation – but with a perspective that doesn’t call humanity helpless. It praises God and acknowledges how majestic, excellent and wonderful God is. It wonders why God, with all the “excellentness” would even care about humanity. And it is thankful that God does.

A song of praise – a song with perspective.



Cassie said...

Proofread those sappy praise song lyrics so that they read "I CAN'T do anything without asking you first"
yeah.. I know.. you were in the zone..

Kirk said...

I fixed it -- thank you for proofreading!