New car

Yesterday Cassie and I traded in my "I don't think this old minivan is going to last much longer" 1990 Lumina APV and now I'm driving a real car. It's not brand new and it's not luxury mobile -- but it is really nice. It's a gray 2003 Chevrolet Impala.

However, I have too much junk that I stored in the minivan, so now I have to sort, throw out and organize.


Peter said...

Welcome to this century! Hope the new ride serves you as well as the last one.

Alas, my own car is in the shop, after I suffered a low speed head-on collision with an inattentive driver in a parking deck. *sniff* Hope to get back on the road this week...


Kirk said...

Thanks, Peter! Hey -- that's a great car you've got there! (Even before it's fixed!)