On this day . . .

Nostradamus was born (1503)
George Washington died (1799)
Quantum Theory got started (1900)
I was born (1964)

I'm younger than TobyMac and Marko
I'm older than Kiefer Sutherland and Adam Sandler

And I'm singing "Happy Birthday to me" in my head right now


Anonymous said...

happy birthday, and congrats on winning the book

Kirk said...

Thanks! I asked for JeannieO's new book.

johny b said...

hey buddy.... hope you had a happy and wonderful birthday!

Kirk said...

Thanks, Johny! It was a great day

traci said...

it would seem that johny b. can (for some reason) get away with calling you "buddy" but i don't think i could.

happy birthday. waaay late. did you get my monkey mail?

Kirk said...

I have to introduce you to Johny --Who knows what nicknames he might have for you!

I did get the monkey email. I laughed my opposable thumb off!