Blogging NYWC Charlotte - Underneath the Convention 7

I've been to many of these conventions over the years. I've come to expect a certain amount of "electricity" each time I'm here.
It's not the same this time around.
This year is much more contemplative and introspective
Is that just a nice way to say 'dull'?
It would be dishonest to say completely "no", as without the rush things seem much less exciting.
It would also be dishonest to say completely "yes", since spending time not being entertained opens me up more to discern the soft whisper of God.
I'm discovering that boring is good.


Anonymous said...

kirk - i found the session this morning far from boring. i loved the contemplative mood the music brought and the taize-like repetitive songs. it put me very close to god and ready for the rest of the worship.

Kirk said...

I think I meant boring in a good way. Not electric or adrenaline-boosting but rather quiet and thoughtful. But I guess if I use words like "boring" or "dull" the connotation is different than what's in my head.