Blogging NYWC Charlotte - Underneath the Convention 6

I listened intently to Tony Campolo tonight (For almost the whole time he spoke. I did spend just a little bit of time petting and playing with an adorable little dog who just happened to be greeting people backstage)
Tony made lots of points --but here's just a little of what I remember
God has been at work in the world for a long, long time -- We never can take God somewhere where God is not.
We have been raised in a culture of fear
As pastors and teachers, our job is to challenge others to share Jesus' hope and love in the world.
All of need to remember that Jesus has a heart for the outcast and the marginalized. Our hearts must be there too.
Tony has such a heart for Jesus. He has such a heart for justice. He challenges me hold on to hope -- even when I get tired of it.


another listener said...

The comment he made that nightthat stuck with me was that, "I am as conservative as the Word of God and I am as liberal as the love of God." Pretty powerful words for those who try to pigeon hole all of God's servants... Why do we have to classify those in ministry? Is it because the ministers would rather play politics than serve God?

Kirk said...

Tony is one among many who have stepped out of that pigeon hole and have said that the two rules (love God and love others) are first and most important. I think more and more from all over the map are moving in that direction too.