Blogging NYWC Charlotte - Underneath the Convention 5

Some quick reactions with no promise to ever elaborate:
Late Night Thursday -- Leeland gave me the chills and Starfield made me want to smile -- which I did.
Late late night Thursday -- I had a delightful (I can't think of any other way to describe it) conversation with a Grandmother who is not an attender of the convention. I got to see her wonderful children and grandchildren (in pictures) and heard that she is so happy to be around here with these people who are offering love, care and kindness at every turn.
Friday General Session. Leeland . . . chills; Starfield . . . Smile; Jared Hall (Illusionist) . . . deep "Try to figure it out" thoughts; Kenda Dean . . . What an amazing servant of God. She challenged me to listen differently as she encouraged all of us to trust that God has not stopped speaking (Or if I were to put it in a way that rings a bell with me -- God is Still Speaking) and that we need to listen, of course, but also to encourage and teach others that they can listen and hear too! (She put the focus on youth -- I simply took a step in my mind to include everyone.)

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