iMix fun

I learned yesterday the Q101 radio in Chicago put "The Snakes are on the Plane" (Remember the cheesy rock song I entered into the "Get your music in the Snakes on a Plane Soundtrack" contest? It didn't win.) into their "Snakes on a Plane" iMix. You have to have an iTunes account to see it. (Though I imagine as the release of the movie gets nearer you'll see it linked on the Q101 website)
~You can find the songs from the "Some other Songs EP" in another iMix too. Thanks, Josh.

At last count I found you can buy and download my records (full albums or individual songs) from the following sites:

"The Man with the Guitar"

Some Other Songs EP

How cool is that?


traci said...

so... i found your partial album on itunes by entering "kirk moore" into "artist" on itunes... but how do you find the imix to which you are referring? (in other news, i now own a copy of Don't Brush Your Teeth While You're Driving!)

in still other news, the job search SUCKS. more later. i have a colombia blog right now http://tracigoestocolombia.blogspot.com but you can't post comments on it (long story why not)


Kirk said...

I'm sorry that the job search isn't going well! And I'm glad you've gotten to hear some of the advice my mother gave me.
Fiding the iMix probably has several ways, but if you search for me on iTunes and then just click on my name you should see a "top iMixes" area to click on.