Endless Trail

Turkey Run was simply wonderful. Our campsite came complete with some very bold raccoons that fought over whatever food they found right outside the boy's tent in the middle of the night. First I heard some really slurpy eating sounds (not completely unlike teenage boy eating sounds) followed by growling and fighting sounds.

We canoed, hiked, sang campfire songs, made wonderful foil-pack dinners, ate s'mores, ate fresh doughnuts for breakfast, had a picnic lunch at a park, went go-karting and miniature golfing, played arcade games, ate dinner at Portillos and still made it back to St. Matthew by 7:30 pm.

One particular part of the trip I'd like to report further: I took the whole group on what was planned to be a one-hour hike through Turkey Run State Park. However, at some point I wasn't paying close attention to the trails. (They are numbered -- and I was sure they all ended up coming back to the river) and we ended up walking on the trials for what turned into a 3+ hour hike. Thankfully it wasn't too warm and we arrived back at the campsite before dark. We had time to put together our foil-pack dinners and put them on the hot coals before dark. We did eat in pretty dim conditions, however.
The red, yellow and green peppers, along with the orange carrots, didn't give quite the vibrant presentation in the dark.

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