Writing about a blog that came from an article that started with a survey about the resurrection

Albert Mohler is the President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This week he said this:
"Belief in the bodily resurrection is not merely foundational, according to Scripture, it is essential."
Dr. Mohler is responding to a Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll published a couple of weeks ago. The poll reports that 36% of adults believe in the resurrection of the body. 55% do not. 10% aren’t sure. Dr. Mohler is also responding to Right Reverend N. T. Wright, Anglican Bishop of Durham, who was quoted in an article in "The Australian" last week.
"I have friends who I am quite sure are Christians who do not believe in the bodily resurrection."
Mohler calls the Right Reverend Wright's thoughts, " a truly dangerous and unbiblical assertion."
There's more to article. In it the Philip Hughes of Australia's Christian Research Association says:
"A lot of liberal Christians would say resurrection is really about Jesus coming back to his followers in a new form and it was not a physical form. As far as a lot of people in the pews are concerned, I don't think that the exact form of the resurrection is critical."
The Right Reverend Right agrees:
"It's not that modern Western culture makes it difficult to believe in the resurrection; it's always been difficult to - indeed, impossible - to believe in the resurrection. In the ancient world nobody believed it."

I've written more -- it's tomorrow's sermon -- read it all here.

4/23 update: You can hear it now too

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