Yesterday I finally did it. I recorded The Cheese Song again. I had recorded it back on 2003 on my Tascam 414 mkII portastudio -- but this time I had more tracks to fill up the sound and add some extra orchestration. I think it turned out pretty well. I actually did a first version in the morning and then remixed and added one more part in the evening to get the final version. Now you can hear the new recording of The Cheese Song (you can hear the old version by clicking on the title of this entry)

Since I was in the mood to re-do things, I also re-recorded the harmonies for I've Been Working on the Railroad. It's still not perfect -- but I think it is better.

But recording wasn't the only thing yesterday . . . In addition to watching some new episodes of Dr. Who, (I hadn't watched an episode since I was in college when watching Dr. Who was apparently required) I posted the first real blog entry at i.ucc.org in the "opening the Bible" section. (You have to go to "stretch your mind" first to get there.) It's about the serpent on the pole.The blog entry was titled, "Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?" -- but after awhile it's been cleaned out to make room for more recent entries. Here's a repost.

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