Joyfully Joyful

I just got back from a great vacation -- one where the weather was perfect, the snorkeling, diving, eating, reading and playing stupendous and everything was completely wonderful.

I have every reason to be joyful.

I'm sure I won't feel this way every day from here on out, though.

I know the "Joy is dependent on God -- not on my circumstances" things I have been taught.

But I know that I'll be feeling less joyful when things aren't going so well.

I don't know about an ongoing, indescribable joy that I'm supposed to preach about tomorrow.

But I trust that it does exist -- and that I'll continue hoping for it to be present . . . Whenever.

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traci said...

yea! welcome back, dude. it's good to see you back from vacation, hittin' the blog.