Easter Sunrise Dive

I woke up early enough for a sunrise service Easter morning.

And I went diving.

What a relaxing, refreshing, exciting, rejuvenating and one that reminded me of new life.

I saw an octopus on the dive (that always means a great dive!)

I attended Easter worship at the United Protestant Church of Bonaire -- Rev. J. Jonkman invited me to give and Easter Testimony.

I'm not sure how different that would be from a testimony on another day -- but I shared a bit of my journey and how even though my agenda may be all for the best things -- my reality is that I don't do it too well and make too many mistakes.

But even though my reality may be somewhat broken when it comes to following Jesus, God's agenda and reality is one that provides new life.

Just like the dive.

Happy Easter!

(In Bonaire, Easter Monday is the real celebration day. I get to do a SCUBA Easter Egg hunt this afternoon!)

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traci said...

scuba easter egg hunt sounds like the coolest thing in the whole wide world. you've been gone a super long time.