It's Friday, but Sunday's Comin'!

Today those of us who want to put off the inevitable -- paying our 2004 income tax due to the US treasury -- take the long trip to the post office (why would you want to file electronically and give the money to the government even sooner?) to be sure our tax returns are filed by the deadline.

But this year, there is something to look forward to!

This Sunday is Tax Freedom Day! (that day where experts say that if we paid everything we earned to the government before that day -- we could keep everything we earned afterwards)

I know there is an obvious "Friday we die -- Sunday we're alive" thing -- and I even alluded to it in the title (Alluded? I really threw it right there in your face -- didn't !? It's the title of a Tony Campolo book that talks about Jesus death and resurrection and reminds the reader that things may be bad now -- but there's something better coming!)

Now -- before anyone starts thinking , "George Bush's tax policies have made it possible for tax freedom day to be moved back to where it was during the Reagan year -- and it is obvious that since this year it is a Friday-Sunday thing that it must mean that God loves everything our current president is doing," please remember that by the same token -- George Bush's policies may also have led to an increase in the abortion rate, (many would, and have, disagreed with this) and countless innocents being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It's Friday -- but Sunday's comin',

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