Today my spouse accidentally partially flushed some 'unflushable' item. The toilet stopped working the way it should (where things go down instead of just sitting there)

So I sprang into action.

(OK -- I whined a bit and tried to get the item to go down and then I sighed and probably looked like a jerk or at least an unhappy person, but then I sprang into action)

I headed to Menards and purchased what looks like an ordinary toilet on the outside. But when you pull the handle . . .


No simple gravity and loads of water to send things to a sewage treatment plant. Now it's a turbo assisted jet that sends things more quickly on their way to a sewage treatment plant. It makes a sound that is quieter, but much like the one you hear from truck stop commodes!

Now I have a man toilet that looks good enough for the woman in my life.

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