Not Psalm 84

But it has some of the Psalm’s flavor --I just made it into something that may be a little more realistic in the way many folks really think.

Our church building needs repairs and upgrades, God
I’m crying for there to be some kind of equality between the ones who have too much and the ones who don’t have enough
There are lots of people who are homeless in the world, God. What is up with that?
The people who are lucky enough to be sheltered by you really like you – but what about the ones who have no shelter? Do you hate them?
Those people who have what they need – are they really doing something right or is it that they’re keeping too much stuff. Why do things just get better and better for the ones who ‘have?’
Are you listening, God? I hope so! You better be!  
Please hear the cries of all the people, God
It’d be better to have a place to live than to be homeless
I’d rather have a job – any job -- right now
God – you’re the one who shines and blesses. So why do you hold back from the people who really need it?
It’s hard to trust you, God.

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