Free Your Mind

Have you ever had a big argument with someone? How about a really nasty, even caustic conversation – with a person you normally get along very well with?

Here’s something I’ve learned over the years. When a conversation that would normally not be one filled with conflict, nastiness, and even caustic behavior, turns into one that has those and other unpleasant things, it is possible that the people having the conversation haven’t had something to eat recently.

It’s not an “every time” piece of advice, but I think that it’s really wise to avoid arguing hungry. Having a snack before continuing a difficult conversation tends to Free up  the mind.

Jesus isn’t known for caustic conversations, and in this week’s Bible reading from Luke 24:36b-48, there isn't a hint of nastiness. But there is astonishment and fear. And Jesus doesn’t give the disciples a lesson in how awful fear and doubt are. Instead he gives them a way to free their minds from all the unpleasantness. They ate some fish.

And then Jesus freed their minds.

Some fish, eh?

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