I Love Abe

I love Abraham Simpson

I have a favorite Simpson’s Christmas episode.  It’s from just a few years ago, and it is called “Holidays of Future Passed” In the episode, Maggie Simpson has a baby.

And Grandpa Abe Simpson has a great line.

“If there’s one day a year to give unwed mothers a break, it’s Christmas.”

I love the line – and the sentiment behind the line. Just show some love.

In this week’s Bible reading from Luke 1:26-38, the angel told Mary not to be afraid.

She was afraid.

She was in trouble. And regardless of her circumstances and why she was in them, she needed a break.

If the Mary scenario were to play out today, too many people who claim to follow Jesus would look at Mary and shame her.  Unacceptable.

It would be much better to listen to Grandpa Simpson.

I wish everyone would take off their “look at how holy I am” masks and just simply show some love.

And I would love to put a Grandpa Simpson ornament, or ornament looking figure, 
on my Christmas tree.

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