Kindly words that are just not absurd

Kindly Words That Are Just Not Absurd
By Kirk Moore
(my apologies to Dr. Seuss - and to myself - for re-imagining my own work from a few years back)

Keep your love real, not fake, or pretend
Hold on to what’s good – and make a new friend

Have a contest about being nice to each other
Serve well and work hard for a sister and brother

Be happy in hope, and when bad's in the way
Listen and pray and listen and pray

When folks are so nasty, bless them – however
Stay away from a plan to hurt anyone ever

When smiles are around you smile too – really try
And when tears are flowing it’s OK to cry

We're not better or worse - there's no sense keeping score
Make friends with folks others tend to ignore

Do you best to be kind and gentle and pleasant
Don’t try to get back at someone who isn’t

If you’re nice to an enemy – giving food or a drink
It will first turn them mad – but then happy, I think

Take this advice – don’t get into a rut
Find a way to do good – no matter what

© 2011, 2014 Kirk Moore

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