Here's this week's Bible reflection from Acts 2:42-47
  • The early church spent time . . . together.
  • The early church ate meals . . . together.
  • They attended to one another.
  • They sought goodwill for all the people.
Sure – things didn’t last that way.  People got tired of being so ‘together.’  Some folks wanted more than they needed.  Greed and jealousy set in.  Politicians demonized the way they did things. Radio and TV commentators started calling them socialists.

Or at least some of that.

So everyone just gave up.

Wait.  No they didn't.

They endured.  And kept at the things that united instead of divide
  • Spending time together.
  • Sharing meals together.
  • Attending to one another.
  • Seeking goodwill for all the people.

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