Uhhhhh . . .

This week’s Bible reading is from Matthew 24:36-44

When is Jesus coming back?

Uhhh.  I don't know

No, really. Isn’t there some way to predict that it is coming soon? What about all the stuff going on in the world. Isn’t Jesus coming back really soon?

Uhhh.  I don't know

You’re not being helpful at all. What about those books that talk about all kinds of ‘end-of-the-world’ things that say that they come right out of the Bible. Isn’t Jesus bound to come back soon? I mean, the books say that it’s coming soon. When is Jesus coming back?

Uhhh.  I don't know

Seriously,  What kind of help are you?  Is Jesus coming back at all?  Isn't there some way I can be sure about things? 

Uhhh.  I don't know

So what should I do?

Keep awake. Do the things that Jesus wants you to do. Love God. Love everyone else. Because about that “when is Jesus coming back?” stuff – Uhhh.  You don't know either.

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