I used to love to build things with Legos.  I created buildings, cars, boats, planes, rockets, campsites, action figures, trees, and even swimming pools.

OK – not all of that is true.  I did build all those things and many more creations with Legos.  But to say I used to love them isn’t completely accurate.  I still love them.

I’m making a Lego motorcycle as I write this.  Really. I used to ride a motorcycle, but it wasn't nearly as cool as this one. . .

Creating is refreshing.  It’s energizing.  It’s wonderful.

Seeing something you create destroyed and devastated is awful.  It is painful and frustrating.

And, remembering the painful destruction, a re-creative hope is again wonderful.

Isaiah 65:17-25 expresses a re-creative hope after pain and anguish over destruction.  It speaks of hope for the people who had lost so much in the time it was written.  I think it's purpose still is to inspire a re-creative hope.

Imagine what the possibilities ahead are.  They are endless and they are delightful.

And I think this motorcycle is delightful, too.

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