Today Governor Quinn signed legislation that makes Illinois the 16th state in the US to acknowledge and celebrate marriage between same sex couples.

And on June 1, 2014, the law goes into effect.  Politics, veto session, vote count, amendments, blah blah blah.  Things could happen sooner if the Illinois Legislature approves an amendment when they begin the new session in January.

Nevertheless, marriage equality is approved and just around the corner.

And I'd love to celebrate your upcoming wedding with you.  Same sex, opposite sex -- all good.

For same sex couples -- Wanna get married before June 1st?  We can do that.  We'll have a wedding ceremony.  I can sign a civil union license and then on June 1st you can get the "upgrade" by requesting it at your county clerk's office.

Wanna get married on June 1st?  I'd love to officiate at as many weddings as possible that day.

Wanna get married after June 1st?  Let's talk and set a date.

Against the whole marriage equality thing?  Whatever.  I'm not going to engage in any debates.

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