Give up?

The people of Israel were in exile. The rule of life appeared to be sadness, anger,  and rage. Hope was no longer present.

And Jeremiah sent a letter.  There's part of it in this week's Bible reading from Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7.

Do your best to make it work.  Build houses. Plant gardens. Have children. Do your best to make things better where you are right now. If you do your best to make things better where you are, things will be better for you where you are.

Jeremiah gave a pep talk.

Jeremiah also was telling the people in exile that it was time to give up on the dream of returning home and instead to make home where they were.

Give up the dream?  Really? 

Do your best with what is going on, sure.  But give up on what things could be like?  Give up on justice?  Give up on peace?

Is it possible to make the best of things while continuing the struggle for what can be?  Is making the best of things really just settling for what is and giving up on what can be?

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