Have you ever felt neglected by God?

God!  Where are you?  Things aren’t going so well here!  What are you thinking?  How could you just let all this stuff happen?  You’ve done great things before, so how come you’re not doing it now?  There’s devastation everywhere!  People are dying! They’re killing each other! People are sick!  Every one of those sick or dying people is the child of someone who is inconsolable!  What is wrong with you? Seriously!? What is wrong with you??!!  Could you look over here?  Here!  LOOK OVER HERE!   Could you do something about all this? Do something about this!  Save us!

Wake up, God.  You’ve been sleeping for too long. 

Wake. Up.

Have you ever prayed a prayer like that?

The writer of Psalm 80 did.

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