What would the parable of the wedding banquet from Luke 14:1, 7-14 sound like if it were narrated by a movie trailer or cartoon announcer in a melodramatic style?

(Fade up “heroic beginning” - type music)
Announcer: There was once a time when our hero, Jesus, went to the home of the (music switches to loud, foreboding music) ARCH- Pharisee for a meal on the Sabbath. The ARCH-Pharisee and the others there were watching Jesus closely – just to see what kind of mistake he might make. (music fades)
(Loud “competition-friendly” music begins)
Announcer: Everyone seemed to be pushing and shoving and clawing their way to be closest to the most important of the guests. The less popular people were forgotten and walked all over. (music fades)
Announcer: When our hero, Jesus (heroic music begins) noticed all the competition, he started to tell a story. (music fades)
(“Story time”- type music begins)
Jesus: If you go to a wedding reception, be careful not to sit in the best seat. It’s possible you’ll have to move for someone more important and then you’ll have to sit right by the kitchen. (foreboding music comes in quickly and then fades quickly) Instead, start at the table by the kitchen and let the host invite you to sit at a better table. You see, if you try to make yourself look important, you’ll look unimportant. But it you remember to be humble, you’ll earn respect. (music fades)
Announcer: Then Jesus looked at the host of the meal and offered this advice:
Jesus: The next time you host a meal, don’t invite all your friends and all the important people. Instead, invite the people with no money, the people who can’t stand up without help, the people who can’t walk at all – and those who can’t see. Invite the people who work hard, but still don’t seem to ever have enough to live. Invite the people you’d just as soon ignore. Invite the people who everyone else thinks is unimportant.
Announcer: Let's not let this story end.  It's time to invite!

(Party-type music fades up and then out.)

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