An idol-worshipping widow and her son were hungry.  Elijah saw that they were fed.

And then things got worse.  The widow's son got sick and he died.

And the widow yelled at Elijah and mocked his God. She didn't hold back.  She said what was on her mind.  She really gave Elijah and his God what-for.

Then Elijah yelled at God, too.  And God brought the son back to life.

I've never heard a preacher say "When your child dies yell at God and the religious folk, speak with sarcasm and anger, and then have the religious people yell at God and pray for the child to come back to life and everything will have a happy ending.”

But that's what happened in this week's Bible reading from 1 Kings 17:8-24.

It seems that God is more interested in comforting those who are in dire straits and giving compassion to those who are sad than worrying about who or what they worship or how polite or respectful they might be towards God or a preacher-type.

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