I'm not the only one who has these thoughts.

The notion that one should be punished, or bear the punishment for a whole group, in order to appease the one or the many who demand some kind of retribution, is messed up.

An innocent being punished for the actions of the guilty is simply wrong

And the idea that anyone would demand such an action in order to set things right is beyond awful.

In this week's Bible reading from Acts 16:16-34, Paul said some words to a slave woman who had a spirit of divination.  Then she lost the ability.  Her owners (something else that is majorly messed up -- in any time, and in any place) got the crowds and the judges to punish Paul and his partner Silas. The blame placed on them was unmerited

Stupid scapegoating mentality.

Here's the big problem.  Scapegoating is in the Bible. And it isn't usually seen in the horrible light it deserves.
  • A sacrifice to God for the forgiveness of sins.
  • A final sacrifice of the innocent, Jesus, to keep God from punishing all humankind.
A group of people determining that a heavenly being demands a scapegoat in order for forgiveness is offensive.  I can't swallow that God either desires or demands . . . or desired or demanded the sacrifice of an innocent in order for there to be forgiveness of the many.

It's time to change our way of thinking.  God was not, and is not, a feudal Lord who demands a scapegoat in order to forgive. 

God is all about forgiveness and a new start.  No scapegoat necessary.

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