Revelation! (dun dun dun!)

The books and videos (I just can’t bring myself to call them films – it would show a level of artistic and theological respect from me that really isn’t there) that attempt to interpret the book of Revelation as a horror story for anyone who isn’t in the Jesus club get it wrong. The books may offer compelling fiction and the movies are  . . . just poorly acted religious schlock, but they get it wrong.

Revelation isn’t a horror story. It is one filled with anger directed at oppressors and retribution coming to those who would oppress and exploit the weak. Yet in this week’s Bible reading from Revelation 21:1-6, it’s a story of hope.
  • New heaven and new earth
  • No scary sea
  • God with us
  • Tears wiped away
  • No more death, mourning, crying, or pain
  • All things new
  • Trustworthy and true words
  • God was and is and will be – the beginning and the end.
  • Refreshing, free, life-giving water
Revelation is coded and creepy and angry and really strange. But ultimately its purpose is to provide hope for people who thought things were hopeless. 

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