He made it possible for Christianity to continue, thrive, and grow.

Without Ananias, who knows what would have happened.

And it happened because he went and prayed with . . . a really bad guy.  It's recounted in this week's Bible reading from Acts 9:1-20

Ananias He has been one who followed Jesus when he was here on earth and he was continuing to be a disciple after Jesus’ resurrection. According to the tradition of the Orthodox Church, he had been one of the 70 apostles sent out in pairs in mission to the surrounding areas. When they returned from their trip, they were filled with joy and said, (From Luke 10:17) “Lord, in your name even the demons submit to us!"
Not all Bible scholars agree that it is possible to name any of the 70 who were sent out, but the idea that Ananias had been with Jesus since before the crucifixion and resurrection makes sense in the context of this week’s Bible reading. 

Ananias, who was living in Damascus, had a vision from God. In it God instructed him to go find Saul of Tarsus and pray with him so that he would regain his sight.

“Are you kidding, God? This is one bad man! This is one powerful and bad man!”

“I’m going to use him to tell others about me.”
(Likely a bit skeptical, but willing . . .) “OK.”

Ananias got another chance to listen.  Ananias gave Saul another chance

I wonder why we don't hear more about Ananias. He's a pivotal person in the history of Christianity.

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