Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: Thrift Shop Study

So . . . Macklemore sang "Thrft Shop" on Saturday Night Live this past week.

And yes -- I wrote a Bible study for the song.  It's in the latest edition of Interlinc's YLO magazine. (91)

It's here, too.

Artist: Macklemore with Ryan Lewis Featuring Wanz
Song: Thrift Shop
Album: The Heist

By: Kirk Moore

Teaching Point:
Where is your treasure?

Opening Question:
What are the best labels for clothing?

Discussion:"Thrift Shop" is a tongue in cheek song that pokes fun at the culture's obsession with designer labels and overly expensive toys.  It's loaded with words that earn it an "explicit" warning.  And it's one of the only independent artist single releases ever to hit number one on the pop charts. 

It also gives an excellent opportunity to talk about frugality.

Twenty Dollars in My Pocket
  • What kind of clothing collection do you think you could put together with twenty dollars?  Macklemore seems to put together an endless amount of clothes he thinks are stylish and fashionable.  It seems that with a little imagination, one can put together a great wardrobe without breaking the bank on designer labels.

Read Matthew 6:19-24
  • Is spending extravagantly on designer labels related to the idea of "where your treasure is?"
  • How can spending extravagantly on the finest clothes be an example of serving desire instead of serving God?
  • If you made a choice to spend much less on clothes by shopping for bargains and shopping at thrift shops, what do you think would be a great use for the money you saved?
  • What else does the song and the Bible reading make you think about?

Conclusion: When the desire for the finest things becomes more important than following God's way for your life, there's a problem.  Your friends  will love you whether you have the best clothes or not. And God loves and cares for you just the way you are -- no designer labels necessary.  

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