From: Jesus
To: My friends

Can you take care of these things please?
When we get near Bethphage and Bethany-
  • Go into the village and borrow the unridden colt. (If anyone questions you, just tell them the Lord needs it.)
  • Bring the colt to me near the Mount of Olives
  • Put your cloaks on the colt and help me up (I know its small – just work with me here)
  • When we get to the path down from the mount, start cheering and shouting and saying “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!  Peace in Heaven, and glory in the highest heaven!”
  • Keep cheering even when the religious leaders tell you to stop.
  • I’ll tell the religious leaders that silence isn’t an option for you and for all the people.
Thanks –

What are you thinking about moving towards Palm Sunday?

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