Turn Back to God

Here's what many think that means:

Make the government a branch of the Christian Church
 Make sure the 10 Commandments are on display in courthouses.
 Insist that faith based groups who receive public money not be subject to anti-discrimination laws.

Demonize same gender loving people
 Try to enforce their religious views in a civil matter – while ignoring the many religious groups who support marriage equality.

Rally for increased spending on war – and call education and healthcare too expensive.
 It’s true that these items are not directly connected. But committing violence in the name of the     greater good is at least highly expensive. Affordable healthcare and education cannot be less of a priority than killing in the name of keeping people safe.

Turning back to God isn’t about any of those things. Turning back to God disqualifies any of those things
In Isaiah 55:1-9, God’s call to return invites all to do these things:

  • Drink the water
  • Eat the food
  • Turn away from wickedness
  • Receive God’s mercy
  • Experience God’s unconditional love
  • Receive God’s abundant pardon

Who's ready to turn back to God?

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