PSY - Gangnam Style Bible Study


Yeah -- I write Bible studies for songs.  Often songs that church youth leaders would get in trouble for mentioning in any positive light.  And sometimes I write studies for songs that have a video with far more than a billion views on YouTube.

This one's published in Interlinc's YLO 90 magazine.

Artist: Psy
Song: Gangnam Style
Album: PSY 6 (Six Rules), Part 1

By: Kirk Moore

Teaching Point:
"Stuff" isn't all there is

Opening Question:
What gives a person value?

Psy's megahit "Gangnam Style" has, in a short time, become a cultural phenomenon.  People across the globe are doing the dance and parody videos are all over the place.  But in all the fun, has anyone learned what the song is about?

"Gangnam" is an upper class neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea.  Think New York's Upper East Side or Chicago's Magnificent Mile.  And "Gangnam Style," in its silliness, addresses the class separation of the rich and the poor.  It refers to the rich being able to get anything they want -- relationships, power, and "stuff" because of their wealth.

What makes "stuff" important?
Is it just the ability to pay the bills and have the necessities for life plus a little bit more? If that were the case, they why would folks try to get more and more stuff while others continue to barely scrape by or worse?

Jesus had something to say about "stuff."
Read Luke 18:18-30.  Why do you think Jesus said it is difficult for the rich to enter God's Kingdom?

Paul had something to say about "stuff," too.
Read Philippians 3:4-8.  What does Paul call all the things that used to bring him prestige? (Dig deeper to find out what he means when he says "rubbish" or "dog dung")

Conclusion: You are valuable because you are one of God's precious children. The deeper message of "Gangnam Style" is that basing your own value and the value of others on material things is just plain silly.

Note:  If you haven't seen it, check out this jazzy, acoustic version of "Gangnam Style" from the television show "Superstar K4." 

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