What have you done?

It's the kind of question from which no good can come.

After returning from an early morning shopping trip - having spent hundreds more than planned:
"What have you done?!"

What you say to the dog that has decided to chew up and eat your sofa.
"What have you done?!"

Upon looking at the room of a child who has spent the last two hours 'cleaning' it.
"What have you done?!" (all this time?!)

Or, in the case of this week's Bible reading from John 18:33-37 - What Pilate asked Jesus -- wondering why folks were so adamant about handing over someone who seems innocent for severe punishment.
"What have you done?" (that folks are so upset with you?)

Jesus had set the world upside-down.  He'd given people a new way of thinking.  He's challenged the way everything was 'supposed to be.'  He'd talked about ideas that were dangerous to the powerful and to the status quo. He'd begun something people would be talking about . . . to this day.

He's still doing it.

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