One thing.

What's the one thing that really makes you feel alive? 

For some it is something exhilarating. For others it is something quiet.  For some it has to do with world-changing ideas.  For others it hits much more close to home.

Whatever that one thing is, and as long as it is something good and uplifting instead of greedy or harmful, it's worth really pouring yourself into.

What's something that holds you back?

Maybe that's a harder question.  Is it what is exhilarating, quiet, world-changing, close to home?  What holds you back from pouring yourself into what really makes you feel alive?

In this week's Bible reading from Mark 10:17-31, Jesus saw through the mask the rich person wore.  That person followed Gods' rules and probably did much good.  Jesus saw that this person's wealth was holding them back. 

Too much money holds some people back. Not enough money holds people back.  The endless pursuit of money holds people back.  Running out of money holds people back.

So what's a person to do?  Why does money complicate things so much?  Why does it make things possible? Why does it hold things back? 

Who can figure it out?

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