Storming the Castle

Peter finally got it right.  Rocky had stumbled over other questions and might have been a little discouraged, but this time, he could pat himself on the back. 

In this week's Bible reading from Mark 8:27-38, Jesus asked, "Who do you say that I am?" and Peter answered the question correctly. I am sure he was  proud of himself for finally getting it. And then he was confused-- again.     The question is, was his answer really correct to begin with?

I think folks generally read this part -- before Jesus called Peter "Satan!" (Adversary) and told about how he (Jesus) was going to suffer and die and rise again -- as a time where Peter really "got it."

But Peter was confused.

When Peter called Jesus "the Christ" (Greek), Peter used the same term as "Messiah". (Hebrew) Both words mean "anointed one" and usually were used to refer to the Kings of Israel. The Kings were powerful and they ruled absolutely. Weakness was not something people associated with a King -- an anointed one. Suffering and death would certainly not go with the title.

Peter called Jesus "the Christ" and "The Son of God" (Hmmm . . . a title given to the Egyptian Pharaohs, no less) in a way that called on Jesus to take over and maybe even set things right with military coup. Peter wanted Jesus to storm the castle!

Jesus called Peter out and set the disciples back on course.

Do the followers of Jesus still get it?

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