But They’re Not Doing It Right

The disciples were sure that they were the only legitimate game in town.  In this week’s Bible reading from Mark 9:38-50, they saw someone doing something they would consider good – if they were doing it. But since they weren’t doing it, they were sure it wasn’t.

Jesus set them straight. He told them that a good idea is a good idea. He told them that doing something good is doing something good. He told them that stopping someone from doing good is one of the worst things a person can do.

And then in graphic, exaggerated terms, Jesus told the disciples that if they were standing in the way of peace, kindness, justice, and love, they should get out of the way.

Showing God’s love, kindness, peace, and justice isn’t limited to those with whom you agree. Find what is good.  Find people to work with toward that good. Stop demonizing those who are doing good just because you don’t agree on anything – or even many things.

Being salty isn’t about being cranky or inappropriate. It’s about doing good – and working together in peace with others who are doing it, too.

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