There’s still a junior high kid living in my brain. I chuckle at phrases that use “do” twice. I chuckle when someone says “duties” 

I admit it. 

So I wanted to say, in this post, that folks ought to not only care about things, but to do things that relate directly to the things they care about. That is serious stuff.

And I know that somewhere in a conversation that ensues, someone’s going to say “do do” and I’ll probably chuckle.

Chuckle is a verb. Do is a verb. 

And whether it’s as a junior higher, a toddler, a teenager, or any adult, the verbs are important. This week’s Bible reading from James 1:17-27 is full of good advice – and the advice all points to the things that folks do.

So you care about things. You laugh about things. You’re inspired by things. What are you gonna do?

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