He could do no deed of power there

  • Jesus was as stubborn as the people in his hometown -- so he told them, "I ain't gonna do nothing for you since it won't impress you anyway. (Then he thought better of his stubbornness and healed a few people anyway.)
  • Jesus knew the people didn't respect him.  He knew that any powerful deed he did would be met with skepticism.  So he didn't do anything to impress anyone.  But he did heal a few people when others weren't looking.
  • Jesus would have done many works of power in his hometown, but the people didn't believe.  So he couldn't.  And then he healed a few people in private.
  • It wasn't going to matter what Jesus did in his hometown.  Some people were never going to think he was anything more than a carpenter's son.  So he didn't even try to impress them.  But when he saw some people who really wanted and needed healing, he cured them
  • Jesus looked at the defiant crowd and said, "Go stuff yourselves."  He didn't give them the satisfaction of seeing his healing show.  And then later he helped some people who weren't interested in a show -- but rather true healing.

Which one of these makes the most sense to you in relation to this week's Bible reading from Mark 6:1-13?  What other way might you look at it or understand it?

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