If there’s a controversy brewing – or one that’s all ready brewed, there’s usually a need for a containment expert. 
Someone to keep what shouldn’t get out – or what has already gotten out -- contained.

I guess we also contain things like food, products . . . just about anything.  Whether there’s something controversial, dangerous, innocuous, or just “in need of a place to hold it,” -- folks usually see containment in a positive or at least non-threatening way.

Of course, there are the “You can’t contain me!” kinds of speeches and situations.  You can’t contain someone’s passion.  You can’t contain a movement that won’t be stopped.

You can’t contain God.

So why do we try?
“This is God’s house.  No running in church. You have to wear fine clothes to be an usher. Don’t swear in church. . . .“

It’s as if somehow God’s rules are only contained here in the building.  God is boxed up and the only place where we need to enforce God’s (but really our) rules is inside the walls of a church building.

"God lives here" doesn't work. God lives everywhere.

And God is in places we don't expect God to be.  After all, if God is everywhere, the God must be in places we would assume God never goes.  No matter where, God got there before anyone.

No one can control God.  No one can hide from God.  No one can go anywhere God is not.

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